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5 Basic Local SEO Tips

Do you want to be easy to find online? Then local SEO plays an important role. A beautiful website alone will not get you there. For many internet users, search engines are the starting point for an answer to their question or a solution to their ‘problem’. And then you want your company and website to be at the […]

Optimizing content with EAT: build your Google rankings

A significant drop in positions is every SEO specialist’s nightmare. Especially since the cause is often not mentioned by Google. Chances are that if you are dealing with such a drop, you should take a good look at the quality of your website and content. In these cases, EAT comes into play. Especially when it comes to a your money […]

Google Search Console: Understanding Your Website [Features & Tips]

Whether you are an entrepreneur, online marketer or web builder: Google Search Console is extremely useful if you are actively working on getting as many results as possible from your website. In practice, I notice that many stakeholders of a website do not or hardly use Google Search Console. And that’s a shame, because it offers a […]

How do you get a 100/100 score in Google Pagespeed Insights?

It is becoming increasingly important to have a fast website. Google values ​​a website that loads super fast. So today I’m going to talk about how to get a 100/100 score in Google Pagespeed Insights! A piece of background Google has a lot of expectations. She wants a (visitor) searcher to get value for money and that they […]

Be prepared! Here’s what you need to know about the Google Page Experience update

Google’s mission is to make every experience as relevant and effective as possible. Relevance is becoming increasingly important. Google’s search results page has experienced so many transformations for a reason. What you see now is already a lot of information on the search results page itself. Photos, videos, Google Shopping, FAQ and more. Are you ready for the Google Page […]

Link or super effective? Make anchor texts work for SEO

SEO is all about being as clear as possible to visitors and search engines. Anchor text helps with that. This is how you use them for SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) can be made very complicated. But basically it’s simple: 1. Make sure your site works perfectly technically2. Create relevant content for your ideal readers3. Get links to […]

Automating SEO: semantically clustering keywords

Semantic keyword clustering is an indispensable part of keyword research. But it is often a time-consuming and complicated task. Fortunately, developments in artificial intelligence are accompanied by the advance of tools and techniques that help you automate this work. This way you apply automation without having to worry about complicated code, such as Python. What does automatic clustering mean? Why […]

Copywriting for SEO: 5 steps to content formats that really work

When copywriting for SEO, you also make the important choice for a content format, which can make or break your rankings. Which content formats you use strongly depend on the search intent of the user. But which formats match which search intent? What do you do when there is mixed search intent? And how do you ensure that you […]

Which articles score the best? 4 new insights

Every now and then you take a fresh look at your content strategy. What works? And what doesn’t work? New research from SEMrush into the anatomy of top articles offers interesting insights. They examined more than 1.2 million articles based on a number of characteristics, such as the length of the title and the presence of images and videos. There […]

Picture perfect SEO: 8 tips for optimizing images

A picture paints a thousand words. The increasing online dominance of visual content offers new opportunities to increase search traffic to your website. In this article I tell you how you can capitalize on these opportunities by optimizing images. To achieve great organic results in Google’s search results, it is important to take into account the many […]