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Do you want to be easy to find online? Then local SEO plays an important role. A beautiful website alone will not get you there. For many internet users, search engines are the starting point for an answer to their question or a solution to their ‘problem’. And then you want your company and website to be at the top of the related searches. But how findable is your company?

Important pillar

Investing in SEO, or search engine optimization, is not superfluous and you cannot do too much. These are activities with which you ensure that your website or a certain landing page scores high in the organic (free) search results of search engines such as Google. The team at Brafton sees SEO as an important pillar of marketing and a necessity for organizations. They compare it to ancient Greek or Roman structures, where the pillars ensure that the building remains upright.

To help you get started, Brafton has developed the infographic below where they share 5 ways to work towards a sustainable SEO strategy. And in particular the ways in which the entrepreneur with little or no technical knowledge can also get started. For example: don’t just look at your own website, but also use Google services, such as a Google company profile. A free service from Google with which you mainly focus on local SEO. Some time ago I shared another infographic about that with lots of tips for an effective Google Business Profile .

In addition, it is important to provide relevant content and to boost link building on your website. See which internal links are relevant and can be applied and which external parties are definitely worth approaching.

Take advantage of the summer period

Use the visual below as a guide and use this summer period to see if you are on the right track. Scroll down to view all 5 tips and click on the image for a larger copy.

5 basic tips for your local SEO [infographic]

The importance of text for SEO

The infographic shows how great the impact of text elements on your website is for good findability and visibility. Are you curious about how you can enrich your texts with the right keywords and learn everything about relevant search terms and smart copywriting techniques? Then the Writing Training for SEO is for you.